“Uppåt” (Eng: Upwards) Artwork by Jesper Wachtmeister on Odarslöv Church in Sweden.



We live in a horizontal world where our eyes are usually directed forward or downward.
By looking upwards, we look at something unknown. A person standing alone in a square, looking upward, will soon be surrounded by other people looking upward. It’s a human reflex to find out what the unknown is. Is it something dangerous or something amazing?
We turn upwards when we meet triumph or disaster. We see it in the football field, and in war and death. We turn upwards to seek answers, and to fuel our interpretations of the world. In science and in religion we turn upwards to seek answers to our existential questions: Who are we? Where are we from?


Lunds stift vill få kyrkorna att leva igen.
Skånska Dagbladet
Konsten ska lysa upp Odarslövs kyrka.
Sveriges Radio
I Odarslöv har kyrkan blivit konst
Svenska Kyrkan
Digital konst väcker kyrka till liv
Allt ljus på Odarslöv


Uppåt (Eng: Upwards)
Location: Odarslöv Church, Sweden
Aluminium profile, diffusor, WRGB LED strip.
Year: 2018
Artist and original idea: Jesper Wachtmeister
Project management and curatorial work: Min-Jung Jonsson
Construction and installation: We Do
Client: Henrik Lindblad & Heikki Ranta, heritage officers, diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden.



Installation of the Artwork “Upwards” at Odatslöv Church.