Arcade – Hufvudstaden


A video- and light-installation on the Hufvudstaden-owned facade at the crossing of Kungsgatan and Sveavägen in Stockholm. A project that alters the original façade through a series of transformations. Inspired by the site’s changes – and the historical, contemporary, and possible future architectural styles – an accelerated view of the changing expressions of the city is created.

The LED-net is installed on the oldest building in the crossing of Kungsgatan and Sveavägen in Stockholm. The building was erected in 1918-19 with a facade designed by the main architect of Kungsgatan Sven Wallander and has since then been known through its central location, its characteristic shape and its many neon signs. Both the facade and the signage have undergone a series of changes over the years. In 2016 this sign was awarded the Stockholm Hufvudstaden sign Price, special category Innovation for the development and use of a LED-net.

A city is always changing – especially this facade, which is one of the most central in Stockholm. It is a place where many people pass and where many meetings take place. We at Hufvudstaden felt that we wanted to offer the people of Stockholm and the visitors a work of art that is exciting, beautiful and can make one reflect on what a city can look like. Something fun and eye-catching for the winter darkness
Louise Kihlberg, Marketing and Communications Manager at Hufvudstaden.


Arkad (Eng: Arcade)
Stockholm, Sweden
Artist & Producer Jesper Wachtmeister
Lead 3D Artist David Enbom
Animations Fredrik Olsson
© 2016 Solaris Filmproduktion & Hufvudstaden


Arkitekturen i korsningen Kungsgatan/ Sveavägen i Stockholm
kommer att förändras över en natt.

Konstverk på fasaden