Flash animation for the permanent exhibition “Verket” (The Works) in Avesta, Sweden. 



”This representation of the blasting iron works gives different visitors a phenomenal and attractive experience as well through pedagogical as narrative layers. The use of augmented reality interface inside this old industrial iron plant, creates an excellent contrast between the declining industrial society and the rising information society. Jury’s Commentary, Nordic Digital Excellence in Museums, NODEM 2004


Verket is an award winning immersive museum and art centre. Here the visitor finds a mix of history, art and technology through the interactive exhibition of industrial history, various art exhibitions such as Avesta Art, and permanent light and sound installations.
In 2004, the Blast Furnace Hall was opened in a part of the building known as The Works and received the NODEM Award for the best digital design for museums communication for the interactive environment and historical exhibition that was installed there.

Jesper Wachtmeister was hired by the Interactive Intitute/Smart Studio to organize the physical dramaturgical layout of the exhibition – and to direct animations, sound, video and photographical installations.


Immersive Museum Exhibition
Interactive installation : Avesta kommun, Interactive Institute – Smart studio 2004.
The Interactive Institute developed the torch and created the displays.
The project was led and designed by Smart Studio team Ingvar Sjöberg, Toby Schnedler, Adam Somlai-Fischer and others.
Jesper Wachtmeister: dramaturgical layout of the exhibition and director of animations, sound & video.
© Avesta kommun, Interactive Institute – Smart studio 2004.