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– What are we really doing on our smartphones?

APPARAT is the first application to conduct surveys of our increasingly intensive smartphone behavior.
Through APPARAT we can get answers to a wide variety of questions depending on the parameters that are considered interesting in each individual study.

Examples of questions that can be answered by APPARAT are:

• How often do we unlock the phone each day?
• When and how often do we play games every week?
• Which applications are most frequently used?
• During what time of day do we text the most?
• What do we do on our smartphones at night?
• How often do we use our smartphones while driving?
• Which apps are most used in which environments?

Participants who wish to participate in a survey, download the application APPARAT and register basic personal info anonymously. The basic data required is determined by what is relevant to the investigation in question. For a limited time APPARAT then records the participants’ smartphone behavior. The accumulated data from participants in a survey, create statistics of specific smartphone behavior. The overall statistics are then presented in detail in figures and graphs.
Each participant also receives a detailed survey of their personal smartphone habits.

APPARAT records how long and how often different applications and functions are used.
APPARAT does not record which internet pages are visited, what is written or who is contacted.

APPARAT is programmed for Android.


Name: Apparat
Project type: Application and study / research.

Project Manager: Jesper Wachtmeister
Technical Project Manager: Axel Nordenström / Designingenjörerna Sverige AB
Android developer: Jonas Borggren / Designingenjörerna Sverige AB
Back-End developer: Zohaib Mir / Designingenjörerna Sverige AB

APPARAT is developed and tested with support from The Internet Fund – Internetfonden.
IIS – The Internet Foundation In Sweden manages The Internet Fund.


Using smartphone logging to gain insight about phone use in traffic (VTI)
In collaboration with:
Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI)
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Linköping University
Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Linköping University

APPARAT – En undersökning av Androidanvändares mobilvanor (The Swedish Internet Foundation)

APPARAT – Case Study – Two teenagers’ use of mobile phones on an ordinary Wednesday (The Swedish Internet Foundation)

APPARAT on The Swedish Internet Foundation


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P4 Sveriges Radio “Så anvander vi vara mobilappar”

Kntnt Radio “Så använder vi smarttelefoner”

Press about Apparat (Göteborgsposten, Sydsvenskan, SR, HD, BLT, etc.)

Mobile Behaviour Website (screen capture)



APPARAT – Example of smartphone behavior data




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