3D projection mapping experiment on wall with hexagonal sound insulating elements at Studio Atruim Ljungberg.
Dimensions: 10m x 4m
Director Jesper Wachtmeister
3D Artist David Enbom
Sound Jakob Myrman
Technical Solutions by Haven Concept

FLEETING INTERIOR – Interactive video projection for two walls.

Programmed in Unity this projected interactive game/installation makes it possible for the viewer to interact with a seemingly physical interior.
Furniture and interior details can be pushed in and out through the wall
– or more intriguingly be positioned half submerged in the wall.
Spectators can make traffic lights pass outside an imaginary window, or open the wall to expose fleeting clouds outside.
The physicality and heaviness of the objects in the interior are dissolved into a mirage.
Artist & producer Jesper Wachtmeister
Programmer Erik Svedäng
Funded with support from Tillväxtverket