“Arctic sky” – video projections in the ceiling of the grand hall in Nordiska Museet for the exhibition Arktis.



In the Nordiska Museet 40,000 square metre Great Hall, a complex system of video projections opens the 20 meter high vaulted ceiling to an Arctic world and sky. The video projections were created by Jesper Wachtmeister and are primarily based on Nordiska museet’s contemporary collections of photos and films.

Nordiska museet has given over the museum’s Great Hall to Arctic life. Displays, video projections on the ceiling, interactive stations and the flavours of the Arctic in the restaurant create a holistic experience for adults and children alike.
Here objects, films, slideshows, webcams and art interweave the past with the present, science with mythology. The exhibition tells a multifaceted, poetic story about the history and future of Arctic ice, and the everyday life of people in the region. The Arctic sky is projected onto the vaulted ceiling 20 metres up in the Great Hall. An interactive station gives visitors the opportunity to make a pledge on behalf of their future self.


Arktis är vårt kalla hjärta.
Nordiska Museet
Arktis – medan isen smälter.
Hela kulturer hotas när isen smälter
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Nordiska museet ställer sig mitt i en av samtidens hetaste frågor


Arctic Sky (Ceiling video projection)
Artist: Jesper Wachtmeister
Location: Nordiska Museet, Sweden
Year: 2019
Exhibition Producer, Nordiska museet: Matti Shevchenko Sandin
Project Manager, Nordiska museet: Elna Nord