Reflections – Excerpts 1min. (Showing a third of the facade)


Reflections is a 3D projection mapping project for the Karlsruhe Palace consisting of ten consecutive scenes with motifs and themes running chronologically from the past to the future. Nature, baroque, world war II, the dream of being somewhere else, post war reconstruction, media culture, the soul of the building, and deconstruction/transformation for the future.
The first part of the installation addresses the transformation and regeneration of the Palace façade; the architecture appears to be scarred and broken open. But these visual wounds of time heal and close back up until the Palace shines in new splendor.
The audience is then offered the opportunity to speak with each other about the Palace façade. Thoughts, greetings, and wishes are communicated by text message and projected onto the façade in the form of speech bubbles.
Reflections is part of the festivities celebrating Karlsruhe’s 300th anniversary (KA300), the German city’s central palace is being illuminated nightly with projections. The elaborate installation, the Schlosslichtspiele is showcasing the work of nine prominent artists and artist groups – all of whom uniquely explored the “depths and shallows” of the Karlsruhe Palace with their visual art.


Der Spiegel
Kuenstler Jesper Wachtmeister werfen lichtspiel auf karlsruher schloss-fassade.

Jesper Wachtmeister’s installation Reflections is a video projection inspired by Superstudio and Lebbeus Woods.

Superstudio- and Lebbeus Woods-Inspired Projections Light Up the Karlsruhe Palace

Vice/The Creators Project
A Light Show on a Castle Commemorates a German City’s 300th Anniversary

Schlosslichtspiele “Reflexionen” mit Jesper Wachtmeister

Interview: Publikumsmagnet Schlosslichtspiele geht in nächste Runde

Interview for ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe
Jesper Wachtmeister talks about the projection »Reflections« as part of »Schlosslichtspiele«
Eine Projektion im Rahmen der »Schlosslichtspiele«


Reflections (Reflexionen)
Karlsruhe Palace, Germany
3D projection mapping
Duration 10 min show + 10 min speech bubbles.

Artist & Producer Jesper Wachtmeister
Lead 3D Artist David Enbom
3D Artist Johannes Andersson
3D Artist Loka Vegborn
3D Animator Laura Trespioli
3D Artist Harald Stigare
Sound design Jakob Myrman
Music Benny Nilsen
Programmer Erik Svedäng
Technical Solutions & Supervision by Pong
»Schlosslichtspiele«: A project by Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe in cooperation with ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. Supported by Sparda Bank Baden- Württemberg eG. 2015.


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