“We have some problems here…”
3D projection mapping project for STING day 2014.


STING Day is Sweden’s no.1 startup event, connecting 75 tech companies with more than 100 investors from around the world.
For this event Solaris made a short live 3D projection mapping on the presenting stage, with a cutout of a city silhouette and a podium.
Individual visual effects were triggered manually to sync with the actions on stage.


“We have some problems here…” STING day 2014
Hotell Birger Jarl, Stockholm
Duration 1min.

Producer Jesper Wachtmeister
Idea Pär Hedberg
Visual effects David Enbom
Cutout silhouette and podium by Onemotion
Filmed by Björn Paulsson, Open Video
Client Stockholm Innovation & Growth AB, STING
2014 Solaris Filmproduktion


City Silhouette VFX – STING day 2014.


Podium VFX – STING day 2014.
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