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Film and multimedia production company founded by Jesper Wachtmeister. Solaris Filmproduktion is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Founder of Solaris Filmproduction who is a director, producer and multimedia artist who today has directed more than ten films in different categories and who also works with multimedia installations. His award winning films have been broadcasted internationally; they are touring art museums and film festivals across the globe, and are represented by several international distributors. His films are part of art, architecture and cultural education in more than 50 universities and institutes in Asia, Europe and North America. One of his first documentaries was 102 years in the Heart of Europe – a portrait of Ernst Jünger (Line-producer, director and editor 1998) which envisions the German controversial writer’s theories concerning mans relationship to the machine, war, drugs and the death of god. This film has been broadcasted at the major Nordic TV-stations and shown at festivals worldwide. Bruno is back (Line-producer, director and editor 2001) about the Swedish functionalist pioneer architect Bruno Mathsson opened Year of Architecture 2001 at Museum of Modern Art / Museum of Architecture in Stockholm and has been broadcasted in Scandinavia and shown at festivals worldwide. Shakkei – Borrowed Scenery (producer, director, DP, editor 2001), an experimental documentary about natural and artificial environments in Japan reached its audience through international film festivals and art galleries. In 2001 he founded Solaris Filmproduktion, a film and multimedia production unit with focus on documentaries and multimedia installations. Kochuu – Japanese Architecture, Influence & Origin (producer, director, editor 2003) produced by Solaris Filmproduktion, was awarded The Architects Prize at International Film Festival of Documentaries on Architecture 2004, and has been broadcasted at the major Nordic TV-stations and shown at Festivals and Art Museums internationally. In 2007 he finished the critically acclaimed (DN 2007-03-30) documentary Great Expectations (Director, editor, producer, 2007) about architectural visions of the future in our time, and how it is to live in the architecture of tomorrow – today. The film has been broadcasted globally and shown at Festivals and Art Museums in Asia, Europe and North America. He recently finished another critically acclaimed (DN 2010-10-19) documentary Test Site (Director, editor, co-producer 2010) about the people, activities and myths of the North American Desert. 
In 2013 he finished the documentary Microtopia about people who have downsized their living or live off the grid.

2019 Solaris Filmproduktion has one documentary in production, one Virtual Reality and 360-video exhibition project named “Shelter” about life in emergency shelters, and a series of multimedia installations in development.


Microtopia (2013) – documentary 
52min. Co-Producer SVT AB, AVRO, SBS, © Solaris Filmproduktion, Eight Millimetres AB & SVT AB 2013

Test Site (2010) – North American Desert Culture, documentary 
56 & 52min. Co-production with Eight Millimetres AB & Swedish Television SVT. Co-financed by SFI, Film I Väst, Nordisk Film & TV-fond & YLE.

Great Expectations (2007) – a journey through the history of visionary architecture documentary 52min. Co-production with Swedish Television SVT. Co-financed by Formas, NRK, YLE, AVRO, SBS and DR.

Kochuu – Japanese Architecture, Influence & Origin documentary (2003) 52min. Co-production with SVT, NRK & YLE Architects Prize – International Film Festival of Documentaries on Architecture in Košice 2004 2001 Shakkei – borrowed scenery, experimental documentary 19min. Funded with support from Konstnärsnämnden.

Bruno is back (2000) – documentary about furniture designer and glasshouse architect Bruno Mathsson 49min.

102 years in the heart of Europe – a portrait of Ernst Jünger (1998) documentary 58min. Produced with support from the Swedish Film Institute.

110 / 220 ( 1997), (cinematographer/co-producer/editor) experimental documentary 56min. First Price Experimental at Ann Arbor Film Festival Michigan 1999 International Film Festival Rotterdam 1998 Arsenals festival 1998.

Interrupture (1996 ) short film 8min. 
International Film Festival Rotterdam 1997 Image Forum Festival Japan 1997 Nordische Filmtage Lübeck 1997

Sunday Morning (1994), (cinematographer/co-producer/editor) short film 8min. Silver Placque Award at 30th Chicago International Film Festival 1995 Rjazanj – 96.

The Creep (1992) short film 1min. Swedish Advertising Association Award. (Sveriges Reklamförbund) 1992.


Reflections, a full scale 3D projection mapping project on the facade of Karlsruhe Palace, Germany.

Magical Winter Dreams, a full scale 3D projection mapping project on the facade of Gothenburg Art Museum.

I.R.I.S. (phase II), a full scale 3D projection mapping project on the facade of Stockholm City Museum.

I.R.I.S. (phase I), a series of 3D projection mapping experiments projected on an architectural model. Lunds Konstahall. 2011

Cavalcade, big format projection, projected onto the facade of Birger Jarlsgatan 1-5 in Stockholm during 10 days. 2005

Verket, Interactive history of industry exhibition in blast furnace hall, Avesta, Sweden. Director of video, audio and image-media. Produced by the Interactive Institute. 2004

Perspectives, Video installation at Museum of Modern Art, Sweden, during the exhibition “Wounds”, April 3–19 1998, consisting of archive films depicting the same historical events as seen from different ideological horizons between 1920-1975. Cooperation with Björn Cederberg.


Lunds Konstahall, public lecture about the history of architectural lighting at, 2011

Konstfack, lecture and screening of Great Expectations and Kochuu with following discussion. , 2008

The Swedish Museum of Architecture, lecture and screening of Great Expectations, 2008

AASA, Brisbane, Austarlia, 2005, screening of Kochuu and Shakkei with following discussion. 2005

Adelaide Film Festival: Architecture and Film Forum: Speech, screening of Shakkei, 2005

Festival International du Film sur l’Art, Canada: Nordic Forum, 2004

Forsbergs Skola i Grafisk Design & Copy, Screening of the film Kochuu with discussion. 2004

The Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH): Screening of Kochuu with discussion. 2003

Forsbergs Skola i Grafisk Design & Copy, Screening of Shakkei with discussion, 2003

Swedish Film Institute: Lecture in archive research for documentary film students, 1998.


Nordic Seminar, Film & Architecture, Copenhagen, Film & Architecture, 2001

California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Filmmaking, 1992 – 1995

Naropa Institute, Psychology, 1994

U.C. Berkeley Tel Dor Excavation, Archaeology, 1993

Stockholm Filmschool, Filmmaking, 1991 – 1992

University of Southern California, Filmmaking, 1991

Stockholm University, Film theory, 1990




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